Pollinator Pilot Plot

Pollinator Pilot Plot is a proposed native plant demonstration garden at the corner of 19th and State streets, Granite City, Illinois.   The purpose of the garden is to demonstrate the use of native plants in urban settings for the benefit of pollinators and people alike.

The garden would be a catalyst for collaboration between several stakeholders including: The City of Granite City, Grow Native, Madison County Transit, Justine Petersen, Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, and New American Gardening.

Three primary goals of Pilot Plot include:   

  • Demonstrate the use of native plantings in a manner that eliminates or significantly reduces the need for conventional mowing practices.  
  • Create native plantings that avoid appearing weedy through the use of pattern, clean edges, and planting design.
  • Create significant habitat for Pollinators in an urban setting 

Garden Design

The gardens design will be driven by the following statement:  Because Pilot Plot is as much a garden as it is form of agriculture, the proposed garden will appear as much like a farm field as it does a formal garden.  In other words, it will be composed of well defined edges and planting areas that cater to both the production process and the pedestrian.   

 Native Plant Nursery

The Pilot Plot is coupled with a native plant nursery located across the street from the proposed site.  The nursery, New American Gardening, will produce a diverse set of native species to supply the Pilot Plot.  Subsequently, Pilot Plot serves as a propagation garden and seed source for further nursery production.   



Greenhouse Design currently under construction

Greenhouse Design currently under construction

Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Milkweed) propogated in Granite City for 2016 season

Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Milkweed) propogated in Granite City for 2016 season

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