A Confluence of Paths at Powder Creek


The proposal introduces a network of interlocking paths and materials that create strong geometric form and hard edges set within a robust naturalized garden.   The hardscape adds order and definition to the existing paths and ground plane with a design that reflects the architecture of the house with its quirky massing, incidental spaces, and diagonal lines.     

Material Palette 


In keeping with the scale of the existing paths, the dimensions of the walkways can remain narrow.  At A, a wooden walkway directs us East toward the bird feeding stations, gardens, and refuse area.  The wooden path is raised slightly from the existing grade to create a subtle sense of floating above the surrounding foliage.  

B is composed of crushed lime stone, a hard packing yet permeable aggregate that resists unwanted plants and can be "fluffed" with a rake to neaten.  The elevation of B is slightly lower than that of A along the entirety of their shared edge (A-G).  

C is a grate and drain that catches and carries water away from the paths and faucet area.   

D   is an extension of the existing garden bed located behind the garage.  

E steps down once and provides an area to mount bird feeders and have stable footing while maintaining them.  It is composed of crushed limestone and a steel edge. 

F is a garden segment that makes a transect through and existing garden bed and which is  planted with ornamental ground cover.  The segment is defined by steel edging that creates a bed that floats slight above the existing bed.  The segment garden is planted with the who's who of native understory plants, a plant palette that will be repeated again in the habitat garden at I.  

G is a step down onto the path which leads to the habitat garden at I and which is also a service path to and from the debris piles.  

H takes us on an arching path to the patio and parking area.  It is also composed of limestone chip and hard edges of concrete or steel.  

I is a habitat garden composed of local native woodland species, the extents of which are still to be determined

chris carl