Hunterstown Lot

The Huntertown lot is approximately 15,000 sq.ft. located at the corner of Central and 4th Streets immediately North of downtown Alton.  The lot looks out toward the Clark's Bridge making it a prime location to view fireworks in July.  The Greater Alton Community Development Corporation seeks to transform the lot into a safe, functional, and visually striking public space that complements the organization's revitalization commitment to the Hunterstown neighborhood.      

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A Place for People

The Hunterstown garden invites neighborhood residents and visitors to enjoy nearly 10,000 sq.ft. of public space.  The design creates a series of platforms meant to encourage improvised respite and community activities for individuals and groups alike.       

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A place for the planet

Underlying the garden's primary use as a public place is its functionality as a neighborhood scale green infrastructure. The garden's design directs and collects storm water through a series of swales and raingardens that step their way down through the site. 

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A Place for Plants 

Fully, 1/3 of the garden is dedicated to a robust mixed planting using native grasses, perennials and woody shrubs in a planting design strategy that is structured yet allows for a large degree of spontaneity.  Native plants are perfectly adapted to our local climate and over time do not require irrigation or fertilization.  In addition,  native plants play host to numerous insects and bird species.       



Planned Spontaneity  



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