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Pilot Plot is an experimental garden project focused on storm water, native plants, and public space.  The project is funded by a grant from Madison County Planning and Development and the U.S. Steel Trust; in collaboration with the City of Granite City, Granite City art and Design District, Madison County TransitGrow Native, and Sierra Club-Piasa Palisades.     

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GCADD and New American Gardening were fortunate to be part of the A way, Away (Listen While I Say) project commissioned by the Pulitzer Art Museum in St. Louis.  The project granted 4 pallets of brick and an honorarium to realize a 100' long table in the center of Pilot Plot.  New american Gardening collaborated with sculptor Paul Howe to design an build bollards using crushed brick as aggregate.       

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interpretive signage sketch

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the levee broke

A paddle boat at 18th and State after the 1907-10? flood


State Street

looking South across State from Pilot Plot 


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Former building Pilot Plot 


Former building Pilot Plot, 19th and State


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Agriculture on Mosenthein Island or Horseshoe lake area. 

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the cutting edge

Road building in Granite City